Weekly blog: 15th - 19th May

I swapped chaotic London Town for a quiet village and spent the week at my mum and step-dads house. They live right on the edge of a woods, so when I looked out the window I could see huge trees and squirrels running about, rather than (back in London)  the usual assortment of other peoples windows (one of which - visible from our bedroom - I'm quite sure is an ensuite loo. If you're reading this, dear neighbour, put a blind up?)

I had to get some roughs finished for a project I still can't quite tell you about, but here are some scribbles (some way more scribbly that others) because apart from working on this project all week, I watched Catfish: the TV show (me and Martin choose not to have an actual TV, so when I'm sat in front of one....hello binge watching) and I'm not sure you'd want screen shots from that?









Weekly blog: 8th - 12th May

Despite having a number of deadlines for illustration projects looming over my head, I decided to have a writing day, because sometimes I find it helpful to mix things up a little.  I rarely write from home or the studio, I usually find a nice coffee shop with just enough white noise (too much silence and too much chatter can be distracting...)  and pile my laptop, notebooks and pens onto the table to create my own little den. I'd be lying if I said I was't the kind of person to do a annoyed huff or a half hidden scowl if someone tried to join my table (or let's face it, even sat down at an empty table next to me and broke my concentration...I know, I'm a terrible person). 

I was still mid-writing when Ardagh found me (I told him the building but I like to leave any specific details out sometimes, put my glasses on and enter a real-life game of Where's Wally. (Having written that, I've just realised that I'm the wally...Oh.)


Our landlord has decided to renovate the house - which means we have to leave, so it'll be bye bye lovely house and garden *sobs* (in a year though s'ok) -  so I had to work from home and let a never ending stream of surveyors and architects into the house. (They trampled on our vegetable patch, Martin was not happy.) Mostly I hate working from home, I like having the distinction between work and home life. I tried it for two years and it slowly drove me insane. I think too much and sometimes it's nice to have someone (i.e. Sarah) to throw something at me if I look like I'm overthinking things (a piece of artwork, a piece of writing, or a conversation I had the week before.)  But occasionally it's nice just to stay in your pjs all day (yes, even in front of all those surveyors and architects...don't judge me) and spend the commuting time just watching cartoons and drinking tea.



This weekly blog is a new project of mine. I'm still getting used to doing it, and since I pretty much say exactly what I'm thinking almost 90 percent of the time, and don't seem to have much of an internal filter (or if I do, it's pretty faulty) I'll just admit it, I can't remember what I did on Wednesday. It was probably one of those days where all that happens is work gets done. Drawing after drawing. Coffee gets downed, me and Sarah (I know it should be Sarah and I but I've never liked the way it sounds...) have conversations while the kettle boils and in between fiddly line work, and then it's time to go home. Lots of days are like that, y'know.


We love having visitors to the studio, and we especially love it when that visitor is David O'Connell. He was filming a little video with Sarah. Our new studio isn't the biggest place on earth, so while they sat in front of the camera chatting away about the book Jampires that they collaborated on, I lay on the cosy carpeted floor, out of shot, having a little rest. I didn't once poke my head up into shot when they were't looking at the camera. *proud smile*

You can watch their video here


Instead of sitting at my desk at 9:20am (okay, more like 10am) I was sittting on a train hurling it's way to Manchester, drinking Bucks Fizz for one of my favourite people's hen do. I decided to design us a logo for the weekend. I gave myself the brief if we were all in a band, what would the merch look like? Unfortunately, the temporary tattoos I made everyone wear caused a slight skin irritation...I still have a red shape of that sweary hand on my skin. I hope it fades soon...

Also, when in Manchester....      #thesmiths

Weekly blog: 1st - 5th May



Monday was a Bank Holiday, and with Martin away on a stag do over the weekend, I drew pictures of dinosaurs to distract me from the spiders that had been climbing into our bedroom and terrorising me at night time. Seriously, it's like they knew he was away. Doodlin' this little dino was a great comfort to me when, at 2am on Monday morning, I'd wedged pieces of cardboard into every gap around our bedroom door to prevent the BEAST on the other side from getting in.

 It got in.


I've been working hard for the past two weeks on a project that I can't share yet, or tell you anything about. I'm not trying to be mysterious or doing that annoying thing where people give only the smallest detail (usually on Facebook) so that people then feel obliged to ask more (maybe it's just on my feed?), it's simply that I'm not allowed to share anything yet. So, with a lack of any actual work to show you, here's some of the desk pals that've been keeping me company.


 © Littlepapervee

 © Littlepapervee

Little Paper Vee popped into the studio for dinner (one of the many benefits of having a kitchen in our new studio. Two of the other benefits are baking cakes, and also cakes.) 


I don't bother wearing make-up to the studio most days because usually only Martin and Sarah see me, and it means I get more Cartoon Time in the morning (I've always watched cartoons in the morning, it's about as important to me as breakfast. Current fave = The amazing world of Gumball). I had a slight Grump* in the afternoon so I put my make up on (yes, we have an emergency stash in the studio bathroom) and me and Sarah pranced around outside taking selfies, cus' y'know, sometimes it just makes you feel better. 

*was in a terrible mood


Since a lot of my time is spent working on books with my collaborator, Philip Ardagh, we often have Skype calls, phone calls and studio visits to keep in contact and keep the creativity flowing. He didn't pay me a visit today --  sometimes he comes clutching his own knife and fork in the hope of lunch...but we had one of those Skype calls where he picks up any items in arms reach of where ever he's sitting and proceeds to show me them, on screen. one by one. Sometimes I like to remain as still as I can so he thinks the screen in frozen. Other times I'll roll my eyes in a 'we're getting off topic' sort of way, and sometimes I can do nothing but laugh, like the time he held up a gold, diamante encrusted frog - no, that wasn't a typo - with an innocent 'isn't it BEAUTIFUL' look on his face. But really, those are the best people to make books with if you ask me. Now PUT THE FROG DOWN!

Look what I found

I went to Majorca last week with Martin, and on our travels around the island, we spotted these little guys. Apparently they like exploring, so I'm hoping to spot them arond London soon.

hi twenty seventeen

New year, new website. And as much as we'd like to forget about 2016 because - let's face it - as a whole it was pretty much UNDERGARMENTS, here's what some of mine looked like in eight perfectly square squares (thanks Instagram):